Who We Are

Churches of Christ in WA (COCWA) is an Association of over 60 local churches. Each of the churches share a common heritage with Churches of Christ across Australia: a link that stretches back into the 19th Century when churches began to be planted by people out of the Restoration Movement from the UK & USA. The first WA church was established in 1890 by T.H Bates, who gathered a group of 11 disciples together immediately after his arrival in Perth. This group laid the foundation for future generations of churches to come.

The Association exists to provide support to its Members over a wide range of matters relating to church structure, management, training and policy issues. It also has functions in representing the Movement of Churches of Christ in WA.

The Churches appoint delegates as their representatives within the Association. The delegates meet together as a “CouncIl” which in turn elects a State Executive to oversee the organisation. Association activities are overseen by the Executive Minister.

The Association is funded through Member Contributions and through the support of Affiliated Organisations such as The Bethanie Group and the Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation Association.

Each State in Australia has a similar structure and these combine to appoint members to the National Council which meets biannually. National agencies include the Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries, Global Mission Partners, Stirling Theological College, Australian College of Ministries, Youth Vision and Kids Vision.