About Us

About Us

The Building Extension Mutual Fund was formally established in 1908 by members who had the passion and vision to plant churches. This occasion was called for to expand and raise more capital to establish more Churches, after 2 years of operation on a smaller scale. Since then it has grown and assisted in various ways to plant more than 50 Churches of Christ in Western Australia

BEMF Objectives

Facilitate and Support the Creation of Infrastructure to Promote Christianity within the Churches of Christ Community and Partners
By receiving cash investments and makingĀ  loans available to member churches and partners for land, building and improvements

The funds managed by BEMF are :

  • Providing Financial Needs for qualifying Member Churches who are building or expanding
  • Managed wisely with a low-risk investment strategy
  • Managed by church members with the appropriate skills and expertise, ranging from Financial, Legal, Construction, Project Management and Building Insurance
  • Registered with ASIC, operate as a Non for Profit organisation, is a Religious Charitable Development Fund, and meet the requirements of the Exemption Order no1 of 2011 under the Banking Act of 1959
  • Not part of Federal Government Bank guarantee of $250,000.00


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