Ministry Accreditation Application Part 1: Section B


  • 1. Call to Ministry

  • 2. Ministry Gifts

  • 3. Spiritual Life and Formation

  • 4. Your Leadership

  • 5. Pastoral Care

  • 6. Personality

    Please indicate by marking an X on the line between the two choices to indicate the degree to which one of the two choices best describes you. Eg: Pessimistic ____________X____ Hopeful (you are more hopeful that pessimistic)
  • Cautious (Avoids new situations and seldom takes risks) VS Adventurous (Seeks new experiences; comfortable with risk and uncertainty)
  • Conventional (Thinking is limited to the obvious or customary; lacks originality) VS Imaginative (Envisions wide ranges of possibilities and alternatives)
  • Disordered (Behaviour is disorganised, unplanned and erratic) VS Ordered (Able to manage own conduct; behaviour is planned and scheduled)
  • Passive (Mild, uncritical) VS Active (Assertive; can question; initiating)
  • Overly serious (Too serious; unable to laugh about self and own mistakes) VS Sense of humour (Able to laugh at self and with others; accepts mistakes with humour)
  • Insensitive to others (Not aware or interested in the feelings of others; tactless; abrupt) VS Sensitive to others (Empathetic; insightful about feelings and needs of others)
  • Unclear theological beliefs (Own theological position less clear, often vague in its articulation) VS Clear theological beliefs (Own understandings of the faith have clarity and can be articulated accordingly)
  • Hidden (Secretive, keeps thoughts and feelings private) VS Open (Straightforward, spontaneous, frank, direct in self-expression; expresses own feelings)
  • Suspicious (Frequently distrusts others and their motives) VS Trustful (Has confidence in the integrity of others)
  • Indecisive (Decision-making is difficult; hesitates a long time before deciding) VS Decisive (Makes decisions with firmness; enjoys making decisions and fulfilling them)
  • Unenthusiastic (Seldom gets emotionally involved or excited; inexpressive) VS Enthusiastic (Emotionally responsive; interested and excited about new events)
  • Distant (Is not interested and/or is not aware of local, national or international issues – religious or secular) VS Engaged (Aware of, and able to discuss issues and their impact, local and global – religious and secular)
  • Dependent (needs the advice and support of others; cannot deny requests of others whose affection and respect he/she wants) VS Independent (Does not like to depend on others; prefers to rely on own efforts; can say ‘no’ to requests)
  • Rigid (Strongly maintains own position against all opposition; resists changing to new ways of doing things) VS Flexible (Adapts behaviour when necessary to new situations; can compromise; open to change)
  • Vague thinking (Thinking is elusive, illogical and too generalised) VS Clear thinking (Thinking is comprehensible, coherent and logical)
  • Not fulfilling potential (Could accomplish more; has not put gifts and graces to full use) VS Fulfilling potential (Is realising his/her capacity as a person and a Minister)
  • 7. Personal

  • Checklist

    Please ensure you have completed/included all of the following before sending in your application