We encourage churches to maintain their COVID 19 safety plan and ensure safe hygiene practices are in place for all ministries and Sunday services.

At current, social distancing and 2 square metres per person rule applies.

Please visit our Resources page for more info.

Churches of Christ in Western Australia are an association of autonomous member churches that facilitate relationships and resources with Churches of Christ leadership, so that local churches grow and multiply.



We use the phrase “On Mission” to describe our movement because it captures why we exist. We are all witnesses for Christ, on a mission to reflect the love of Christ to all people.


We are an organisation with a purpose to remove obstacles so churches and ministry partners can fulfill their purpose. We are a movement compelled and propelled by the mission of Jesus. We look to plant new works, extend community services, and strengthen our partnerships.

Our goal is to support, affirm and encourage the churches through our values of unity in diversity and the mission ministry that engaged all of God’s people.