Our Story

Churches of Christ was born out of a 19th century international movement often referred to as the Restoration Movement.


The heart of this movement was to abandon denominationalism and follow the New Testament without creeds and confessions of faith. We rally around this simple plea:

In essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity, and in all things love.


The Australian pioneers of Churches of Christ applied this founding identity to an Australian context, forming a lay movement to make Christ-centred communities centred in a local context. In 1890, a man named T. H. Bates arrived in Perth, gathering a group of 11 disciples, laying the foundations for us today.

Constant shifts in society makes models of disciple-making dynamic and varied, and we find ourselves missionaries in our own backyards. Together we pursue the mission to share the good news of Jesus in ways that make sense for West Australian people.

Churches of Christ are characterised by their diversity of expression in church life. The following characteristics tend to be expressed in the culture, values and practices in Churches of Christ Churches:

  • A concern for Christian Unity
  • A commitment to Evangelism and Mission
  • An emphasis on the centrality of the New Testament
  • A simple Confession of Faith
  • Believers’ Baptism
  • Communion
  • Congregational autonomy
  • Lay Leadership
  • Diversity/Freedom/Liberty