Churches of Christ Financial Services (CCFS)

Churches of Christ Financial Services understands the unique challenges and financial needs of our Churches of Christ community.

So who are we and how can we help you?


Our Mission:

“CCFS exists to support church growth and development through innovative, competitive and cost effective financial and related services tailored to the unique needs of Christian mission.”

We do this through providing:

  • loans for church growth
  • term debentures for investing in church mission
  • complimentary services for churches, departments and agencies

So what are the benefits for our customers?

Put simply, when you invest with CCFS, you provide needed funds for financing churches and developing resources, such as property and buildings for mission whilst at the same time, receiving a great rate of return on your investment. For more details on how this works, and why you should choose CCFS for your banking, you’ll find the answers here.


WA Relationship Manager:


Pieter Brink


T: 0437 282 060


Churches of Christ Financial Services


Level 5, 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne

Victoria 3205

T: 03 9488 8877 F: 03 9481 8543