Who We Are


Churches of Christ in Western Australia is a movement of 70 faith communities and interdependent care and community services across the state.

We make it easier for churches to be effective. From written resources to consistent prayer, we offer practical support and real community, making a way for every church to move with the mission of Christ.

We support these diverse and autonomous communities and work to see them thrive.

In essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity, in all things love.



As an association, we exist to further the work of church and faith communities. We provide support to our members over a wide range of matters relating to church structure, management, training and policy issues.



Member churches appoint delegates as their representatives within the Association (Council). The Executive Minister oversees the activities of the organisation.



The association is funded through member contributions and through the support of member partners.



COCWA is a member Conference of Churches of Christ in Australia and partners with them to advance the movement. While synergies and partnerships are explored and COCWA relates at a national level, we exist and function as totally separate and autonomous organisations.