Safe Training


Championing a Safe Church Culture!


COCWA Safe is a training programme supplied by Churches of Christ in WA. The program is aimed at Ministry Leaders who will learn the importance of implementing safe practices and then take what they have learnt and be able to train their team of volunteers


COCWA Safe is based on materials originally developed by the Childsafe organisation.   We acknowlege Childsafe for their pioneering work in promoting safe practices in churches.

Over time, we’ve developed our own training materials.  We chose the name “COCWA Safe” because we think that the principles of ensuring safe behaviours and safe environments applies to any volunteer serving in churches or ministry activities.

We’ve developed our training package to best suit the particular needs of our family of Churches and Ministry Affiliates.  We hope that you find this training package really helps you serve well in your setting.


We know that it’s a struggle to run training sessions that go beyond 90 minutes.  We know that it’s a challenge to ensure that ALL volunteers engage with this training.  Since Childsafe was first implemented across our Association in WA, we believe that keeping the face to face training to a minimum and asking Volunteers to be responsible for their own training experience has been effective in generating a healthy benchmark culture in small, mid and large size churches.

We love feedback!  Please pass on any questions, comments or suggestions that emerge from your training experiences.

Please contact for any information regarding this training package.


Training Cycle


It is recommended that every volunteer renews COCWA Churchsafe training every three years.

It is recommended that ALL volunteers go through this training with their Ministry Leader.  This includes people who may be health or education professionals.  Including all volunteers ensures that every person serving is aware of the practical details of your ministry setting, including your own policies and processes relating to safe behaviours and safe environments.


COCWA Safe Training


Safe Culture- promoting and championing best and safest practices

Safe Teams- volunteer screening, volunteer application forms, ongoing training, recruiting safe leaders, supervision, Working with Children Checks, National Police Checks

Safe Environments- 1st aid kits, emergency evacuation procedures, incident reports, activity risk assessments, safety in numbers, sign in/sign out systems, child to adult ratio, open rooms

Safe People- responding appropriately to abuse, responding to ministry misconduct

Our Aims

  • To assist Churches and organisations associated with COCWA to foster and maintain an overall culture of welcome and care through all activities.
  • To ensure that volunteers can serve in a ministry setting with confidence that in the event of an accident, incident, disclosure event or when an issue of concern occurs.
  • To assist Churches and organisations associated with COCWA in the communication of the policies and procedures related to safe behaviours and safe environments in their local setting.


Why COCWA Safe Training is important


Many people receive training around safe behaviours and safe environments in their workplaces.  So why is it important that all volunteers (including teachers, childcare workers and medical professionals) attend a COCWA Safe Training event?

  1. So that in the event of an accident, incident, disclosure event or when any other kind of undesirable event happens, you know what do to and who to go to. (Pull the lever rather than pushing the button.)
  2. So that every person, regardless of their age, gender, race or ability can be received with Christlike welcome and care.
  3. Fostering a community around common values and practices (our personal values and practices may be different).

The Team Leader and Team Members Guides are available for purchase here. This SAFE Training session is designed to equip and encourage ministry leaders of the importance of child safe policies & procedures. If your church has already had a Safe Training session and would like to conduct another session in-house, resources can be found on our Resources Page.


Upcoming Training Dates:


As a result of COVID-19, COCWA recommend that churches and organisations implement a Safe Online Ministry Policy.

2021- date TBC

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