I still remember being at our AGM meeting last year, when we were privileged to have the Chief Health Officer Dr. Andy Robertson speaking with us. One of the questions put to him that day was what should we expect things to look like in 2021? His first reply was, “Messy.”

We all were hoping that the end of 2020 was going to bring about a return to “normal,” and simpler times before the pandemic brought so much change. But 2021 has been, indeed, “messy.” There have been snap lockdowns, hard borders, and various public health measures deployed from limiting crowd sizes to masks and all of the various physical distancing strategies we have now grown accustomed to. For many people, 2021 has not been the fresh start that was hoped for, but more like a slightly modified version of 2020. It has had moments when everything ‘feels’ like normal, and then other moments when it is abundantly clear we are still living through a global pandemic. It has been “messy.”

All of this has created the continuing unique challenges for churches. At times it seems one step forward, two steps back. At other times it seems two steps forward, one step back. But what is common to all is the need to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

In every season there are unique things we can learn as churches. In the Old Testament, we see the season for Israel after being set free from Egypt being a season of great mobility and flexibility. The tabernacle was the place of worship and it was built for set up and tear down. It was a season for being willing to move when the cloud moved, and staying when the cloud stayed. Later in history, Solomon would build a temple, and worship would become more fixed in one location, without the flexibility of the tabernacle. Presently, we find ourselves in a season much more akin to the mobility and flexibility of the tabernacle in those early days. It is a dynamic we have sought to work with at the board level for our movement, listening and learning together what God would have us do now, rather than staying bound by fixed paradigms from the past.

At the early stages of 2021, we were actively seeking a new Executive Minister. With very little interest shown, we realised it was time to change tack and we have moved away from looking for the “one” person, and focused more on mobilising the gifts God has placed throughout Churches of Christ in WA. Our Senior Minister’s retreat was an experiment in this, looking to hear from what God is doing in and amongst leaders in our churches, rather than looking for the “one” key speaker or leader. Perhaps the future will not be looking for the one key leader, but mobilising the many. For the moment, the search for an EM is taking a backseat to the search for ideas and leadership within and across our movement.

Towards this goal of hearing what God would have us do now, our board also felt clearly there are three areas of focus God would have us lean into at the moment: fostering collaboration among churches, developing new strategies for church planting, and leadership development, in particular amongst younger and emerging generations. These areas of focus are beginning to guide where we will focus as a movement and seek to direct those gifts and energy across the movement.

In and amongst all of the changes of the present moment, we continue to be blessed to have a tremendous staff in our resource centre, starting with our interim executive minister John Hutchinson, who has continued to lead exceptionally through uncertain times. I want to express the sincere gratitude of our entire board to John for his continually adapting leadership in this season. I also want to express our sincere and deep gratitude to the entire staff team at our resource centre, who have been willing to flex and adapt through all of the change and uncertainty of these past two years.

Amongst all of the uncertainty and change, I find great encouragement from the verses that come at the end of the famous “hall of fame of faith” chapter Hebrews 11. Reflecting back on these now heroes of the faith, it says:

“These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.”

(Hebrews 11:39-40)

So much of the life of faith feels “messy,” and often left undone. I find these verses a great encouragement and reminder that amongst all that is uncertain or at times feels left undone, God is still unfolding His story. So many of those heroes could have finished their lives or their chapter of the Story wondering how it was going to turn out! But those words remind us it all fits together, and all of us have a part together in the story God is writing, in the ‘better’ that He has planned. It is only as each of us plays our part in that story, no matter what unique moment or season we are in, that we get to experience the something ‘better’ that He has planned for us.

Thank you for playing your part in what God is doing through Churches of Christ in WA.




If I was going to give this past year a name it would be “ The Year of Adaptation”. I have found I would regularly have to adapt my plans due to changing circumstances. Adaptation has been a constant part of my days, weeks and months this past year. Yet in the midst of all of that it has been an amazing year of journeying and watching many churches forge ahead with a strong mission focus of growing and strengthening God’s Kingdom.

Some highlights from the year have been the COCWA board retreat that set a vision to focus on three key areas as we moved forward. They were Collaboration, Church planting /revitalisation, and Leadership development for the next generation. These three focus areas became the focus of the senior ministers retreat where we were hugely encouraged, hearing an incredible diverse collection of current stories from the ministers themselves. This became a natural catalyst for on going connections and the expansion of these arenas as churches openly offered to shared ideas and resources.
It has been exciting to see through collaboration strong relational partnerships established for mutual support as well as a number of churches being revitalised in the city and country regions.

A big thank you to our churches who have stepped up and run collaborative events for the benefit of the association and the greater church community.

One of our key goals as your state resource team is to listen and then seek to resource where we see there is a clear need that can help the association. This year we have focused on offering and providing much needed Governance training. This quality training was made possible because our three qualified, passionate presenters have a strong desire to help churches do better in the governance area so that they can do ministry the best they can. Thank you Harvey Collins, Trevor Harvey and Richard Affleck.

Alongside the governance training we continue to offer and run church safe training adding a specific focus on “persons of concern”. Please make this training a priority for continuing to protect an develop a safe culture in your church.

It is exciting to have had a number of independent churches wanting to join the association. One of these is Redeemer Gospel church which has completed the process and you will have the opportunity to welcome them into the association at the AGM. We also have other ministries wanting to partner with us and there will be more on this at the AGM.

As an association there are many who contribute to the everyday operation helping us as your state resource team and the association as a whole but are not specifically on staff. One such person is Neil Watson who has been instrumental in helping manage the huge task of overseeing our insurance scheme. Due to a recent health crisis Neil has had to relinquish this position. On your behalf I want to say thank you to Neil for the years of service keeping us updated and compliant in the very complex arena of insurance.

An area that we had to invest significant time into as a board and staff was the on boarding process of the association into the National Redress Scheme. Although this was originally promoted as an optional decision it quickly became a strongly pressured decision with threatening consequences for not joining.

At the time of writing this we have our all in day “pressing on together” planned for October 26th and trust it will continue to build into our three key themes for this year.

Thank you to the committed COCWA board and committees who have led us through this constantly adaptive season.

I want to commend your state resource team and thank them for the way they work and seek to provide a relational and quality service for you. It is a privilege to be part of the team and work alongside each one of them.

So in the midst of the year of adaptation when we are having to plan everything with the strong reality that things could change at any moment, I encourage you to keep “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith,” Heb 12:2a. He is our source of peace and hope.

God’s peace and grace.




Church & Ministry Support

I am reminded of Paul’s words of encouragement to the church at Ephesus when he states that Christ Himself is our peace. As such I believe that in these disruptive and uncertain times our way forward has to be in living out our proclaimed trust in Jesus, in His sovereign power and goodness as displayed in His life, death, resurrection and promised return.

Those these words flow relatively easily for a preacher of the Gospel, it is in the living out of these words that I find myself confronted every day with my need for God’s ongoing grace, my own personal discipleship and Christian community. I thank God for the privilege of being part of Churches of Christ in WA, the State Resource Team and the Mount Pleasant Church of Christ. May we continue to be encouraged by Paul’s words, by our lives together and above all by the Person of Christ.



Retired & Retiring Ministers

With the changing climate in the past twelve months, I have observed among over eighty plus “retired Ministers and their spouses a resilience that has grown out of several key characteristics.

Open intimacy with God.

We have practiced Peter 5:7 “Unload all your burden on to him since he is concerned about you”.

Learned the art of gratefulness and thanks giving.

This has negated depression and critical spirit when we are out of our comfort zones.

Being Proactive or Taking the initiative.

During the challenge of COVID we have come on board along with our congregations as we have used Zoom to stay involved with worship and small group ministries.

Build our Mental, Physical and Social reserves.

We discovered the benefits of exercise impact many facets of our lives like mental skills, coronary health, muscle regeneration and many more things. This is our responsibility that takes pro-activeness.

We need to keep building our social circles:

Imagination, creativity and initiative in our times will be our wellbeing is best friend as we constantly work on our relationships which we were created for happens.



Church & Sports Development (Youth/Young Adults/Associate Pastors)

When things get so disruptive, and the future is uncertain the only way to find peace in the moment is to trust the habits I have created out of my love for Christ. It’s the things I do over and over again to build my relationship with Christ, some may call them spiritual disciplines. How are first responders able to silence the noise and stay calm in crazy situations? They rely on their training, what they have learned, what they have dedicated their time and efforts toward. For me it’s the same thing, but what I have dedicated my time and efforts toward is a who.

This year has been a learning a process. We have now come through this Covid year of 2020 and head into what the new norm of what 2021 is going to look like. I remember as we started this year it just felt like the foot was on the gas. We were trying some new things in our churches as a group of ministers asked the question, “how we are going with discipleship and are we willing to try new things?” I explored the question with Youth and Young Adult pastors asking what does support look like for them? I don’t know what next year holds for COCWA but I am excited to see what God can do as this movement continues to move forward.



Finance Manager

I remember the story in the bible about Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath. From either Elijah’s or the Widow’s side of story, I think they both experienced the element of a disruptive past and an uncertain future in their life at that time. God tucked Elijah safely away from the murderous king Ahab, yet his future was an unknown period of drought. The Widow had lived in poverty and she was even prepared to die. So, what did they choose to do in between? If I can only learn one lesson from this story it is, when in doubt, choose to ‘Trust God’. Trusting in the unknown is a very hard thing to do, especially when we also think it is better to be in control ourselves. But Elijah realized that even in this unusual place and during these unusual times, God was going to provide for him. And the Widow testified, when she trusted God with everything she had, God provided everything she needed.

Trust in the Lord, God is always faithful, and He wants us to have hope beyond this life.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. —1 Corinthians 16:13




It never ceases to amaze me how our great God works. It really is amazing!
COVID-19 looks a certainty to stay. The previous “normal” as we know it, will never be the same.
I am sure everyone over this past year has experienced some form of unplanned disruptions to our lives. Be it a cancelling of a holiday trip or having to wait for an extended period for an item to arrive, or the delay of a much required service, and all this at a premium price. Some might even have endured the heartbreak of the loss of loved ones.
Perhaps directly responding to this current state, subconsciously I have been on a quest to rediscover and reaffirm my identity in God through my devotion.

Through this journey of discovery, Romans 8:17 “Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory,” has shone like a beacon for me. Imagine that, I get to share in the resurrection power of Christ! Together with this power, and when your purpose in life aligns with God’s plan, there really isn’t much of this world that can rock your boat.
While I am far from achieving this unshakable faith, it has certainly help me lived through these uncertain times in a much better shape than otherwise.

God’s plan on how to live our lives has always been in the Bible. It has never changed and will never change, regardless of the circumstances of this world.




This year’s topic for the Annual Report is ‘’with a disruptive past and an uncertain future, how do you live at peace or find peace in the present:’ personally I don’t like looking back as you can’t change what has been, you can only learn from it. Of course this is easier said than done! It’s something I will probably work on till the day I die.

Finding peace in the present is also a work in progress as I’m prone to worry. However as I get older a number of things have happened which I am grateful to God for.

1. I have learnt to let go better, my mantra to myself is ‘Let Go and Let God’

2. I don’t tend to care as much of what others think,

3. I can work on my quiet times, even if only for five minutes each day.

I try to make a habit of sitting outside in the early morning sun, bear feet on the bare earth, deep breathing and saying a prayer of thanks. These three things have made my life easier to find peace in the present but also to be present. Finding joy in the everyday is also a challenge. Joyce Meyer described Joy as ‘calm delight’ and I just love that. Joy truly is being able to be calm and delight in the everyday things that come my way.

Romans 15:13 – May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.




One of my favourite things to do is go for a long walk along Mullaloo Beach. The other day, my husband asked me as we stopped to turn around, “are you thinking something or just being in the moment?” to which I responded, “just being in the moment and enjoying the view. You?” “Same,” he replied.

Too often I think we find ourselves so caught up in our thoughts and planning, that we forget to stop, pause, be still and actually enjoy what is right in front of us- whether it’s natural beauty or a person’s physical presence or an experience.
When the Israelites were in the desert and could see the Egyptian army moving in, they cried out to Moses “why didn’t you leave us to serve the Egyptians!? Now we are going to die in the desert!” From their disruptive past and uncertain future, they weren’t focussing on the now. I love Moses’ reply, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Jesus understood the importance of being still and being present. Every moment of His life was dedicated to being in the present moment with people. Not dwelling on the past or consumed by His future.


Donelle Rivett-01


Lockdowns, COVID, unable to travel to see friends and family, unsure of when this will end – these are the disruptions and uncertain futures that many in our community have, and continue to face. The constant unknown and unable to have any control on situations can be stressful.

God does not promise freedom from stress. What He does promise is to strengthen us with rejuvenation and refreshment during difficult times. Knowing that God is in control, even when things seem completely out of control, is how I live at peace.

Psalm 29:11 The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.



Disruption and uncertainty are pertinent words that describe our life today. We have experienced so much change in a relatively short period of time and there is no way to get away from it – we’ve all been affected, myself especially.

Where is peace, joy and love found in a world that is moving and changing so fast? Well it’s easy to say, “exactly where it has always been – in Christ” and as a Christian leader it is actually part of my job to remind others that we have received “an unshakable Kingdom” (Hebrews 12:28), but many times that is easier to ‘preach’ a truth than to live and dwell within it.

So right now as an apprentice of Jesus I am on a journey of rediscovering the beauty, the mystery and wonder of this new family that we call the Church. I belong to a random group of misfits who call each other brothers and sisters and together are locations of resurrection life in our world – the place where God Himself dwells.

Today’s disruptions and tomorrow’s uncertainty has pushed me towards my new identity in Christ as one who belongs to others who have the same Heavenly Father as I do. And in so doing I am discovering that the promise of scripture is true – there is joy, love, peace… actually there is resurrection life found and experienced as we embody the Kingdom of God here on Earth known as the Church.


WERNER SOONTIENS (also serves on the Finance & Properties Committee)

The morning we were asked to reflect on where we are at, in the context of the past and the future, I read Jeremiah 29, as part of my current study of the book of Jeremiah. Most of us know the famous verse 11 ‘ For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,…’. Most of us glance over the context within which this verse sits. A context where the past includes ‘wicked kings (Jer 22)’ and ‘lying and false prophets (Jer 23)’, probably somewhat similar to our recent past. Likewise, the future sketched by Jeremiah is one where exile is a certainty and should be embraced, despite its uncertainties, somewhat like ours. I am blessed to be in a spot where I am at peace with my present, our past and our future.

What I like most of Jeremiah is that we are given a recipe, equipping us on how to be at peace in the present. Just read Jer 29: 12 and 13, which provides the assurance that our calls and prayers will be heard and our wholehearted seeking will be rewarded with a find. So, go on, for today – call, pray, seek – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



HENRY THONG - Chairperson (also serves on the Board)

I was recently in front of the memorial plaque of a dearly departed friend and his wife said some wise words in a reflection. She said “on the plaque of every grave, there is always the birth-date and the death-date and a dash (hyphen) in between”. She said we can neither control the year of birth or year of death but we can control how we live in the “dash” that is in between. That reminder was so powerful for me, especially as we continue to navigate through these uncertain and disruptive circumstances. It is my prayer that we all focus on the “dash” in a way that is purposeful, urgent (pun intended) and at peace with God’s will.

I wanted to thank the members of the Finance & Properties Committee for their faithful service, collective wisdom and sacrifice of time to attend to issues affecting Churches of Christ. Behind the scenes, the Committee attends to everything from insurance, financial oversight, tenancy issues, changing titles, and so on. Thank you.

We have journeyed with Mt Pleasant Church of Christ into their new premises at Shields Crescent Booragoon. In the coming year, after much prayerful consideration and allowing other churches to consider the former site in Mount Pleasant, we are taking the bold move to sell this property and to release the capital for reinvestment into the Kingdom. There are fresh buds of new initiatives in church planting and building into leaders starting to emerge and the Committee wants to make sure that these are supported financially.

Without a doubt, the winds of change and disruption will continue to blow across COCWA. It is our prayer that, as it pertains to finance and property, we continue to seek God’s will and align our resources with the direction of our direction at COCWA.

Graeme Jones-01


Having had the privilege of travelling regularly to India and Cambodia with a Christian not for profit organisation (although I must say not in recent times!), I’ve always found it interesting to observe what challenges confront Christians in those countries versus Christians in my part of the western world.

It strikes me that in third world countries, Christians tend to more easily ‘roll with the punches’ – possibly because change is more of a constant and therefore an accepted part of life, whereas we in Australia tend to find even minor changes disproportionately challenging. As a consequence on the ‘Richter scale of challenges’, sometimes our minor challenges have been met with the response ‘oh that’s a First World problem’.

The other day I even found myself complaining to my neighbour about moving from two to three rubbish bins, and I had to quickly check myself!!!

During this period of Covid-19, and the ensuing turmoil, God continues to remind and reassure me through scripture that some things WILL ALWAYS REMAIN constants –

Matthew 22
“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Ecclesiastes 12:13
Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.
I’m so thankful that the challenging times are also the learning times, and I don’t want to miss the opportunities He is making available to me right now.



The past year in the properties committee has given us time to ponder and think about how we move forward. With a disruptive past year due to lockdowns and constant uncertainty it has given us time to reflect on what we are called to do. The committee has been able to propose a development in Mt Pleasant to the board which we believe will yield a good return for the future growth of churches in WA. I am comforted and find peace that however uncertain our future is that if we do and act out with a Kingdom mindset God will prevail. Our decisions made in the committee may be of human understanding but God will take care of the uncertain and unknown along the way. We look forward to the next 12 months and how we can continue to make a positive change to CoCWA’s property assets.



We quite often view disruption and uncertainty negatively but recently, I have come to understand that they are to be viewed more like “opportunities”. Opportunities for us to grow and to rely on God’s wisdom and for us to trust that his purpose for us can be achieved amidst the chaos. That is, if we allow Him.

More often than not, we cannot control our surroundings and many outcomes, yet we worry about those things needlessly. In Matthew 6:24, God tells us not to worry about our lives, what we will eat or drink or what we will wear. The birds of the air do not sow or reap, yet our Heavenly Father provides for them EACH day. I rest on the assurance that God knows our needs and desires and He will provide for He is a good and loving Father.

It is therefore my prayer that we will not wish away these “opportunities” but that God, in his good and perfect plan, will fulfil his purpose in each one of us.


Here’s a quick look at what happened in 2021 within Churches of Christ WA

  • Governance Training Sessions were held to upskill and inform Church Boards of their responsibilities and what it looks like to govern well, so ministry can be effective.
  • Connect Retreat. An overnight retreat held each year for newly accredited ministers to connect and learn about our movement.
  • Senior Minister’s Retreat. A time for our church leaders to gather, connect and spur one another on.
  • Safe Training Sessions. These sessions are aimed at equipping church and ministry leaders of the importance of implementing church safe policies and procedures.
  • Mental Health and Persons of Concern Seminar. With both being hot topics, we partnered with Masters & Co. Psychology and Richard Affleck to address how and what to do if someone in your congregation presents with mental health or as a person of concern.
  • Mental Health Seminar for Kids and Youth Ministries. In support of WA Mental Health Week, Masters & Co Psychology unpacked the dynamics of mental health in our younger generations.
  • COCWA Staff Retreat. A weekend away in the wheatbelt bonding and spending time listening for God.
  • All-In Gathering for ministers and chaplains. Pressing Forward Together (Phil. 3:13-14) with topics including: The possibility of enjoying God in your ministry; Church and the long game; and a time of worshipping together.
  • Youth/Young Adults/Discipleship. Over the year there has been discussions, coffee catch-ups, a retreat, a seminar and the annual Youth Vision Edge Camp and State Youth Games.
  • Overnight Board Retreat- the Board spent extended time together to prayerfully and strategically discuss and plan for our three major focus points of this year- collaboration; revitalisation; and leadership development.


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The Bethanie Group
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The role of the Bethanie Trustees is to act as the guardians of the Objects of the Bethanie Constitution and the custodians of Bethanie’s mission and values. The Trustees are charged with a mandate to strive to maintain the links between Bethanie and COCWA in recognition that the business, affairs and heritage of Bethanie had their origins from within the COCWA Churches.

Five (5) Trustees are appointed by the Members of Bethanie as recommended by the Trustees and as affirmed by the Boards of COCWA and Bethanie. Each of these people are appointed on the basis of their character, capacity and engaged association with Churches of Christ. The current Trustees are:

Ps Michael Birch (Senior Minister Kingsley Church of Christ)
Rev Dennis Ryle (Retired pastor and Elder at Encounter Church)
Rev Dr Jennifer Turner (Retired pastor and Elder at Encounter Church)
Mr Max Rivett (Past Chair COCWA Board, Warwick Church of Christ)
Mrs Helen Drury (Past Bethanie Board Member, Chair of Elders; Bunbury Church of Christ)

The Trustees has one further appointment: the “Permanent Trustee”. This position is held by the role of the Executive Minister of COCWA or, an appointee of the COCWA Board. It is my privilege to have been granted the grace of the COCWA Board to have been the custodian of this appointment during my tenure as COCWA Executive Minister and now as a continuing representative of the COCWA Board and Association. For the past 3 years, it has also been a privilege to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees meet with the Bethanie Chairperson and CEO at least three times each year. Our conversations are squarely focussed on understanding how the mission of Bethanie is being implemented within all aspects of Bethanie’s operations. We are attentive to the role and function of the Bethanie chaplains. We are interested in the spiritual wellbeing of the Bethanie Board, Executive Team, Staff and Chaplains and we seek to engage in praying for the Bethanie community and in participating in Bethanie events as much as possible. We play our part in seeking to facilitate meaningful connections between the Bethanie community and COCWA Churches.

Perhaps the most important role of the Trustees is the appointment of Bethanie Directors. Bethanie has grown to be a large organisation that operates in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. The skills required to properly govern and guide an organisation like Bethanie are highly specialised. Never-the-less, along with the current Board of Directors, we believe that the Directors of Bethanie must have not only appropriate skills and experience, but also need to be persons who demonstrate a vital faith in Jesus Christ. To this end, the Trustees play an important part in the process of Director recruitment such that no Director may be appointed without the approval of the Board of Trustees and that any appointee must have been through a process of faith discernment by the Trustees.

Every day, hundreds of people in Western Australia are impacted through the mission of Christ as expressed through Bethanie. Every day, the chaplains, staff and Board of Bethanie seek to presence Christ to aged people and their families. As the Churches of Christ community, we can take a good deal of godly satisfaction in the fruits of a small seed planted decades ago. Whilst we must all remain attentive to staying true to our mission, I hope that the example established by Bethanie, Bethesda and CCSRA all stand to inspire us to continue to find ways to express the Gospel of Jesus through our churches and mission-centred enterprises.

Dr Tania Watson

Chairperson, Bethanie Trustees


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