A Unique International Impact

how ridiclous pic1

From beginner level basketball tricks, to breaking Guinness World records, the How Ridiculous group has made a tremendous impact throughout the globe. This unique bunch sets themselves apart by using their publicity to promote sponsoring children with Compassion.

One of the How Ridiculous members Brett Stanford, explains how the vision for the group has played a huge role in what they stand for. “We got offered money when we started our first video, but we realised that we didn’t need it. We began to think, ‘How could we use this to benefit someone else?’ That’s when we chose Compassion.”

Compassion is a way to not only just give money, but to get people involved with funding children in poverty. People can give money and not think twice, but Brett believes that sponsoring a child impacts someone on a deeper, more sentimental level. The bigger the influence, the more powerful the message is that’s being conveyed, which is the group’s motivation to keep aiming for more impressive shots. With that being said, How Ridiculous proved the impossible as they achieved their latest world record off the Tasmania’s Gordon Dam, 126.5 meters! The shot made history, see video below.

The group continues to be proactive by producing videos that captivate and wow viewers.It’s about entertaining people, but I think we want to inspire people in many different ways. Our tagline is to live selflessly and give generously. A lot of young people aren’t encouraged to do those things,” Brett says, “But we want to encourage Christians in whatever they do that they can use that for good.” Brett aspires for the How Ridiculous legacy to be that all things are possible with God. “I hope people use our story to realise that they can use anything if they are committed to it. If they dedicate their ways to God, there are no limits to what He can use to impact others and change the world.”

We all have the power to do something to make an impact in the world, so what is it that you’re going to do?


Written by Rachel Ewart