Baptisms, New Partners and a Picnic at Spires Life Church


On Sunday 27th November seven people expressed their faith in Christ by being baptised during the morning service at Spires Life Church.

Following the seven baptisms twenty two people, who had completed the Partnership Class two weeks previously, were formally welcomed into the partnership of Spires Life Church. Spires Life Church uses the concept of partnership rather than membership. It was encouraging to see the age range of those baptised as well as those welcomed into partnership – from teen-agers to a man and his wife who are eighty years of age.

Sunday 27th November was quite a day of celebration, as after the service the church held a picnic under the shady tree at the corner of the campus on the beautiful grassed area.

An events team in the church had organised and catered for the picnic, and those who participated simply had to order from options on a menu at a cost of $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child. Our events team had gained sponsorship from Woolworths as well as from a local butcher.

In picnic perfect weather church people enjoyed eating and talking under the shady tree or watching the more energetic enjoy cricket and other ball games on our campus.

Seven baptisms, twenty two new partners and an enjoyable picnic has to be a Good New story.

From Pastor Gordon Bassett