Bethesda Hospital Brand Revitalisation

Bethesda Logo

Bethesda Formation Horizontal

Changing the name and logo of a well-known organisation like Bethesda Hospital has required careful consideration and planning.  Safeguarding the elements that reflect the Hospital’s beginnings but ‘modernising’ the ‘look and feel’ at the same time was crucial.

Bethesda Hospital was established in 1943 by Matron Beryl Hill, a Christian nurse and Subiaco Church of Christ worshipper, who dedicated her life to caring for those in need by commencing Bethesda (originally in Subiaco and later on the current site) with a specific mandate to ensure that patients received spiritual care as part of their treatment.

The brand revitalisation process and the associated consultation with stakeholders reaffirmed the importance of Bethesda’s strong Christian heritage and the need to protect that position in the ethos and values by which we deliver care.

The process also resulted in the confirmation of the key attribute of ‘personalised care’, considered important in the everyday interactions that happen at Bethesda with patients and their families/representatives, with surgeons/anaesthetists and paramedical personnel, between staff, etc.  The new Bethesda brand and logo has been established on four key ‘brand pillars’, each one signifying the key attributes of the core brand value of personalised care.

  • HERITAGE:  We understand and acknowledge the history of Bethesda and the key values that have shaped the hospital into what it is today.
  • COMMUNITY: We value the connection we have within the local community.
  • INNOVATION:  As an organisation we strive towards providing the latest in patient care and surgical techniques.
  • INDIVIDUALITY:  We provide healthcare solutions tailored to each individual.

Bethesda Hospital has been renamed Bethesda Health Care, heralding a new era of growth, expansion and diversification.

The new logo is a combination of two Bs that merge together to create a visual embrace and hidden love heart to signify personalised care.

The new brand will be implemented over the coming months.
Yours sincerely,

Yasmin Naglazas
Chief Executive Officer