Building in Albany and so much more…

Albany building

A major focus for Albany Church of Christ this year has been securing funding for the new community centre and getting the major construction completed. The year started with the preliminary site works and ‘bare bones’ of the building in place. This year has seen significant progress, reaching lock-up stage and the internal structure taking shape.

We secured a building loan through BEMF, and have just this month been approved for a Lotterywest grant of around $350,000 to assist with fit-out, which will include things like playgroup equipment, CCTV, audio/ visual systems, conference furniture and outdoor settings. Our aim is to provide a group meeting place and focal point for community activities, which will just happen to include our weekly services and ministry groups!

We are so thankful for the efforts of our project supervisor, building committee and executive team, for the prayers and encouragement received, and for God’s provision to make it all happen. This centre has been a long term goal for our church, and we look forward to moving in next year and reaching out to the wider Albany community.

There have been some exciting developments over the past few months amongst our teens and young adults. We sent our largest ever team to State Youth Games this year, joining with Geraldton. Of the Albany group only half belonged to our congregation, the others being invited by our youth to come along. There was a great team atmosphere within the group, despite many people meeting for the first time, and the event had a real impact. We’ve had some new volunteer leaders join the Friday night youth group, and a few Alta1 students have been coming along regularly this last term. A new ministry aspect has also been added to the Friday night with the group serving at the local soup kitchen on a monthly basis. A bible study group has been started for young adults specifically, to cater for the post-youth group crowd, led by Pastor Gav. They meet weekly to study God’s word, currently 1 John, and regularly get together socially. Together we’re working to get all of our youth connected, to God and with each other.

Recently the lovely South African folk of our church got together to make pancakes for everyone after the Sunday service. They set up in the outdoor barbecue area, pouring, flipping, sprinkling and rolling HUNDREDS of crepe-style pancakes, served up with cinnamon sugar and lemon wedges. If you stood nearby more pancakes would be forced on you – not many people needed lunch afterwards! They were certainly delicious. Many thanks to those who cooked, served, and cleaned up.