Inspiring People, Changing Lives

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Proudly affiliated with the Western Australian Church of Christ, the Indonesian Family Church was established in Perth in 1994. Over the past twelve years it has been our mission to assist in the establishment of other congregations across Australia, as well as in Singapore and Indonesia.

In 2010, we took it upon ourselves to reach out to the community and help those in need with the creation of the Australian Oikos Care (AOC) foundation. Our decision to start this foundation was not one taken lightly- we have big dreams in our minds and hearts. Those dreams were to change the world with the careful and intuitive management of
the resources that we are entrusted and blessed with.

We believe that no matter how big the dream, how difficult the journey, or how small the initial steps are, we can achieve anything we put our minds to so long as we keep our faith in God and our belief in ourselves. Every day we take one step at a time, sharing our passion with our partners and sponsors, persevering together in overcoming challenges along the way.

Our foundation focuses on helping struggling communities reach their full potential by empowering them with valuable social resources. Living in a privileged, Western nation like Australia, it is easy for us to forget just how lucky we are and we believe one of the best ways to change a community is by giving them education in order for their mindsets to be changed.

The education of children is very important to us, as not only are children the key for the future of their families and community, but for the rest of the world as well. When their perception about the world is changed for the better, we are confident that their future will follow. By helping each and every child unlock their potential and achieve their dreams, we ensure better world for everyone.

One particular community that I wish to highlight is Batar Gebang in Bekasi, approximately one hour from Jakarta. Unfortunately what makes Batar Gebang notable is not the beautiful scenery or mountain view, but rather the huge mountain pile of garbage that is dumped here every day from the surrounding cities.

What is worse is that the actual dumping site rests only 100 meters from the school, and the stench of garbage is so strong that it causes headaches and nausea to those unused to the smell. With most of the student’s parent’s working as garbage collectors, they are helpless in changing the situation, and many of the townsfolk remain ignorant about how badly this inhibits their children’s learning.

Our foundation is working together with the Batar Gebang community by building a school and assists their children’s education especially reading, writing and health care as well as offering scholarships to the children for higher education.

We continue doing everything we can to help to the community and we are proud to now have 6 schools like this around Jakarta remote area. Furthermore our scholarship program has already resulted in two university graduates (a teacher and a lawyer). Every day we feel blessed to have played a role in changing people’s lives for

the better.