Leading with Care and Compassion

Tim Hanna


For Tim Hanna, CEO of Compassion, the greatest task for leaders is to create an ethos that develops into culture.  He defines culture as the “spontaneous recurring pattern of action and attitude.”  Helping people to become like Jesus then has a great deal to do with pointing people towards the things that Jesus cares about.  So what are keys to developing a caring culture?  Tim offered 6 keys for creating a caring Christ-like culture

  1. Heartfelt love for God and His Word. “God needs to be so fresh.”
  2. Culture of grace in all our dealings.
  3. Servant culture: “The ultimate test of a servant culture is how we respond when we are treated like a servant!”
  4. Heart for the lost, broken and poor.
  5. Culture of healthy relationships.
  6. Passion, encouragement and development.  The goal of leadership is not to be about growing a big organisation but about growing big people.

There were many take-away gems in Tim’s message for us including this one: “Maturity is measured by the time lapse between understanding and obedience.”

COCWA is proud to support the work of Compassion and greatly values the partnership that we share in seeing children released from poverty in Jesus’ Name.  In September a number of leaders from COCWA Churches will be participating in a Compassion visit to Indonesia linking in with church planting work in that country.  Daron Crothers (Lifestreams Karawara) will be leading this trip on behalf of COCWA.  Rod Thom (Lifestreams) and Daniel Indrajaja (The Rocks) will be visiting Willow Creek and Haiti with Compassion In August.

For information about the ministry of Compassion and Church Partnerships, please contact:

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Relationships Manager West
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Tim Hanna