Life can be relentless or it can be a revelation

Life Relentless Revelation

As a proud member of The Cloud Appreciation Society (, I’m ashamed to say that I cannot remember the last time that I stretched out on the ground for the sole purpose of watching clouds drift across the sky. On a recent winter’s day retreat, I found a beautiful flat piece of rock that offered a warm place to lie back and just soak up the blue sky view.

After a while I began to pay attention to the bush around me and I rolled over, pressing my face into the rock. It was like entering into a whole other experience: from big sky blue to micro things growing on top of the rock-face. The more I looked, the more I noticed. My mind needed a long time for my eyes to take in the detail of the world of life on the rock.

Grabbing my phone, I took a series of photos so that I could hold on to what I was seeing. I wanted these pictures as a tangible reminder of what God spoke to me as I enjoyed the pleasure of looking at little living things: “life can be relentless or it can be a revelation”.

Each day is full of revelation moments and lots of them are so small that I just miss them. Each day is full of revelation moments where God wants to speak words that give life. Relentlessness robs me of the capacity to look up, look around and look down. Revelation stops me in my tracks as God points to the loveliness of life.

Life Relentless Revelation

Written by Tania Watson