Motivating Life Stories

Michael Norman

Michael Norman is the Chief Operating Officer of YouthCARE.  It’s a role that Michael knows he’s gifted, trained and called to do and from that perspective brings him a great amount of satisfaction.  But talking to Michael, you soon discover that there’s a much deeper story that is alive in his life; one that influences how he views the world, and in particular, his work.

Prior to YouthCARE, Michael coordinated the Volunteer Services for St John of God Murdoch and before that in Youth Ministry.  Through those roles, he came to appreciate a strong sense of mission alignment conveyed through the parable of the Good Samaritan.

For Michael, it is the heart-motivated action of the Good Samaritan that he believes most clearly speaks to the Christian community about their role as chaplains in the world.

“Consider who the most despised person may be for us … Then understand that not only are we called to care for them in a time of great need, but we go beyond that, whip out our credit card and pay the bill as well.  How many of us are really prepared to go on and pay the bill?”

Thanks Michael!  A great conversation and a great question to reflect on.