Mount Pleasant Ministry Montage

Mt Pleasant Montage

Our montage tells the truly amazing story of our everyday lives –with family, at work, volunteering, socializing, support groups, community events, church fellowship and kingdom partnerships. The pictures themselves exhibit no photographic excellence, nor are the activities they depict particularly remarkable. However, this hangs as a constant reminder, both encouraging and challenging, that what is so worthy of attention is God’s abiding presence in and through us all. This montage depicts the framing of our lives with the Gospel of Christ – the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. On this basis we see how “richly resourced” we are as a church.

Our collective story is one of encouraging one another to believe and trust in God in all the circumstances of our lives, rejoicing together in the celebrations and sharing the sorrow of our heartaches. As we are being encouraged we are stepping beyond our comfort zones. One member has been witnessing for Christ at a regular community market, but what has been more common are stories of members embracing opportunities to share the faith where previously they’ve remained silent.

Some have stepped out in new directions with a reliance on God that is indicative of a growing spiritual maturity, while there are those confronting uncertain futures with the same posture. Each story adds a simple picture to our montage and by the enabling of His Spirit is our offering to the ministry of God’s kingdom.