News Release: BEMF


Churches of Christ Building Extension Mutual Fund (BEMF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Pieter Brink as CEO.  Pieter has been with BEMF since early 2014 and has been working closely with the Board towards the restructure of BEMF so that it can serve the wider vision of the Association: “Churches full of new Believers.”  BEMF is playing a significant role in this new season of growth and development as it has provided funding for the Warwick Stadium expansion project and the building of the new Albany Church of Christ facility.  With several other church building projects in planning, BEMF is gearing up to be ready to meet these growth opportunities.

Since its establishment in 1908 BEMF has been the means by which the Church of Christ family has helped one another out to be able to build properties that provide a tangible, visible sign of the presence of Christ in the WA community.  Through individual and church investments, BEMF is able to manage funds so that access to finance and the benefits of managing the combined portfolio remain within the Association.  For information about investing with BEMF please contact Pieter Brink at the COCWA office or, 0437 282 060.