On Mission – for Healthcare Professionals

cosmos health care

Cosmos Health is a medical mission organisation led by Jason James.  Established in 2001, Cosmos Health grew out of the missional heart of Lifestreams Church and has grown to be an effective organisation in its own right committed to delivering long term, sustainable healthcare education and services in the developing world.

Cosmos Health seeks to partner with Medical professionals in order to send short term teams to support long term projects.  Jason (who works as a theatre nurse in addition to leading Cosmos) believes that the greatest need in developing countries is for health care professionals to deliver education and training to local people as key to raising general levels of health and access to basic medical care.

Colin and Shirley Smyth (pictured below) from Bridgeley Church of Christ are looking forward to being a part of a team heading to Zimbabwe in September.  Shirley is a retired Occupational Therapist.  Colin is a GP who has always understood that his medical training is a gift through which He can serve the Lord.  Early in their married life, Colin and Shirley lived in Ambae, Vanuatu.  Colin was the Medical Director for Churches of Christ for 3 years.  Colin writes: “This was an amazing experience for all of us as a family and God also used it to prepare me for the next stage in our lives as a country GP in Northam. I believe that He would now also have us contribute again to His work overseas in a short term capacity. It seemed to be confirmed to me that this was right, when I was able to organise a locum almost immediately for the time we would be away. I think that the years of experience as a country GP can also now be used to help work with others in Zimbabwe.”

Cosmos is urgently seeking 3 nurses and a physio to be a part of the September team.  If you are, or know of medical professionals who may be interested in supporting the team and this wonderful ministry, then please contact Jason James. Find out more.

Col and Shirl