Vision Sisters

Vision Sister True North 1

A group of women from the Mullaloo area held a Vision Sisters birthing kits packing night through their women’s group at True North Church on Monday 10th August 2015. The True North Women’s group raised $1400 and together they packed more than 200 birthing kits to send to women in Uganda to reduce the risk of infection during childbirth.

Organiser Lauren Carroll  chose to do something different this year for the annual women’s retreat the church hosts each year. “We thought -what could we support or achieve through our camp, instead of just getting together? So we registered for Vision Sisters!” said Lauren. The group promoted the event in their church and raised funds before the event as well as on the night to reach a total of $1400. The money raised will break down to $600 for the cost of 200 birthing kits and $400 to help World Vision train health workers and encourage women to give birth in a health clinic in Uganda. The remaining $400 will go towards supporting World Vision generally.

Local musician and Vision Artist, Ezereve, also attended the evening and provided musical entertainment to the women while they were packing.  Ezereve had heard about the packing event and donated her time to play for the group as well as selling CD’s to raise an additional $300 to go towards the donation to World Vision Australia. “If anyone else hosts one of these nights I can play for I would be happy to attend. What a great cause! I would love to support this cause with these women” said Ezereve.

World Vision works around the world to improve maternal and child healthcare. World Vision is partnering with the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to provide clean birthing kits so that mothers and babies can avoid infection and survive childbirth. A clean birthing kit is so basic that it costs less than a cup of coffee. Yet it can help prevent infection and save lives. Each birthing kit contains six items needed to ensure a clean delivery. To learn more about the program and to organise a packing day with your local community group, visit:

Photos: Gavin Carroll