Have You Noticed changes at Warwick Stadium?

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Thank you for your valued connection and support for Churches of Christ Sport & Recreation Association.  A special appreciation for those that were able to attend our Turning of the Sod event in March for the Warwick Stadium Expansion Project.

Warwick Stadium is moving forward to become one of the largest indoor sports facilities in the state as the expansion project is nearly a quarter of the way into the scheduled build.  With a new temporary entrance, additional car park space, and structural steel works rising high above the site, the scale of this impressive expansion project and facility footprint is taking shape.

We have a clear vision and continued passion to see this place of community grow and become the sports and fitness facility of choice for players, coaches, officials and spectators to positively interact.  I invite you to watch the new Warwick Stadium Expansion Vision Video to better understand what is coming and get excited about the opportunities for yourself and the wider community to engage in this fantastic facility.

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