What Makes a Good Story?


How do we show love as we are loved? We dance! Toddler Jam style! Every week our is transformed into a fantasy world according to the theme of the term. This term’s is “All creatures big and small” and includes an ark filled with animals!

These sessions are loved by everyone & it is heart-melting to watch these kids arrive with such excitement.

Toddler Jam is more than just dancing. It is community. It is relational. It is creating a space for mums, dads and grandparents to not only spend time with their kids, but to also have some time afterwards while kids are playing away in the sand-pit. It has become a place of rest for many a worn out parent. And Toddler Jam serves great coffee!

Speaking of coffee, Toddler Jam is blessed to have Miss Mandy (as all the children call her) and her army of volunteers running the program. Blessed, not only by the musical sessions, but by the countless hours that go into music prep, stage setup, shopping, preparing morning tea and serving coffees. Even our Senior Pastor dons his frilly red apron & serves coffee every Tuesday.

Toddler Jam started out as one small session per week. Then it expanded to three and we have four full sessions per week. It has become increasingly popular as community mums invite their friends along. Miss Mandy’s passion and love for community is an inspiration!

So, what makes a great story? On the surface it may appear to be the growing numbers or success of the program itself. What really makes this story great is when a mum trusts a volunteer enough to share her own story. What a privilege. When someone asks for prayer. When we are invited to intercede on behalf of a family.

And the greatest story of all is how we get to witness God weaving His own story into our community, one coffee at a time. Our prayer is that every parent & child who attends Toddler Jam would hear God’s Story, experience His great love for them & come to Jesus personally. Until then – may the dancing continue!