World Vision in the Pilbara


Our sincere thanks to the WA World Vision Team for the opportunity to visit with the Martu Community in Newman and Jigalong with CEO Tim Costello.

Tania Watson, Remy Sese (GMP/IMA) and Jono Vose (True North) were invited to meet with people in the Martu Leadership Development Programme and the Early Childhood Project.  We had the privilege to learn from some of the Martu people their history, culture and hopes for the future of their community.

Standing in the water at the Fortesque Creek crossing on the way out to Jigalong, it was impossible not to be deeply appreciative of this country in which we live.  Streams of living water in the desert.

On Thursday evening Tim Costello and Peter Barney will be meeting with people from across the Christian Church in Busselton to talk about meaningful interaction with Indigenous people utilising a new resource developed by World Vision.

It is very encouraging to know that across the family of COCWA Churches there remains a deep desire to relate with Indigenous people.  These conversations that several of us have been a part of this week are important as we continue to discern together how our churches can bless and be with Indigenous peoples.