Heading True North


On Sunday, 22 March 2015, there was an exciting change at Whitford Church, as we formally became True North Church! For nearly 40 years, we have been known as Whitford Church and we have recently come to realise that we needed to update our name so as to reflect the “entirety” of our church, which goes well beyond the Whitfords area. Over several months, a group of nearly 30 leaders from our church spent time praying and seeking after what name God would have us be known by into the future.

Ultimately we felt confident in the name “True North Church.” This name reminds us of a couple of key aspects that make us who we are:

A church based out of the northern suburbs of Perth. This is where we began and where we are still based today. Wherever we may go in the future, we will always hold the northern suburbs as our ‘home base.’

The concept of True North as a ‘fixed point’ by which one can navigate. As a church we believe that God provides us with a ‘fixed point’ in life by which we can navigate our lives. True North reminds us that no matter what comes in life we can always trust in our unchanging God, who has shown us the Way, the Truth and the Life in Jesus Christ.

While our name has changed, the core of who we are has remained exactly the same, and we are really looking forward to the season ahead and seeing what God has in store!